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Release Notes - Karaf - Version 2.0.0


* KARAF-115 - Document Karaf Release Guide
* KARAF-116 - Compile Release Notes for Karaf 2.0.0
* KARAF-119 - Establish KEYS file.


* KARAF-4 - [Karaf] If features:refreshUrl reads an incorrect <features> definition, it deletes the old version
* KARAF-16 - The JRE provided ciphers are not used on ubuntu server
* KARAF-65 - NPE in StandardEmitterMBean on JDK 6
* KARAF-99 - new spring 3.0.3.RELEASE feature miss some bundles
* KARAF-100 - The list of OBR repositories is not persisted
* KARAF-101 - features:refreshUrl doesn't auto complete!
* KARAF-102 - The client jar does not work when given a command to execute on the command line
* KARAF-122 - Webconsole login doesn't work with karaf.framework set to equinox
* KARAF-123 - File is not copied and so it is not possible to start a second karaf instance
* KARAF-124 - Karaf start script doesn't correctly include jre/lib/ext directory
* KARAF-126 - Password: Error executing command: Failed to get the session.
* KARAF-128 - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException during generation of User Guide pdf blocking release build.


* KARAF-45 - Improve war deployer in order to provide the WebApp-context
* KARAF-54 - Minimum default properties
* KARAF-59 - Introduce a \${} system property to be able to easily move the data directory to a different location
* KARAF-67 - Change the webconsole config in the features descriptor to specifiy the realm and not the username/password which aren't used anymore
* KARAF-95 - Upgrade Spring to 3.x
* KARAF-96 - Enhance the features to support the start level
* KARAF-97 - Upgrade to Felix framework 3.x
* KARAF-98 - Upgrade to equinox 3.6.0
* KARAF-103 - add a spring-dm feature which use spring 2.5.6 inside
* KARAF-105 - Remove dependencies on the preference service
* KARAF-107 - Improve default log configuration with a rolling file appender
* KARAF-108 - Change 'storage.location' system property to 'karaf.instances' for better homogeneity
* KARAF-109 - Split the JVM packages from the main file for easier maintenance
* KARAF-112 - Free the org.osgi.framework.system.packages.extra property for users
* KARAF-117 - refactor tooling/testing/Helper to accomodate recent changes in
* KARAF-118 - Update Pax Url Wrap to version 1.1.3
* KARAF-120 - Some jars are not included in our system repository
* KARAF-121 - Better exception handling in JaasSecurityProvider
* KARAF-127 - Enahnce features mechanism to allow to stop/start bundle

New Feature

* KARAF-31 - Use OBR if available to compute the transitive closure of karaf features
* KARAF-110 - Provide a placeholder for overriding the configuration properties
* KARAF-111 - Allow includes of additional configuration files through a custom property when loading the main configuration files


* KARAF-113 - Change the namespace of the two blueprint schemas
* KARAF-114 - Apache Karaf 2.0.0 Release