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Release Notes - Karaf - Version 2.1.0

New to this release of Apache Karaf is a JAAS Database Login Module, a way to store passwords in a secured way, a mechanism that allows a karaf application to distinguish between UserPrincipal and RolePrincipal without depending from the Karaf JAAS Module.
The shell console has been enhanced to be available in a plain non-OSGi environment and smart tab completion has been improved, along with various commands.
We have also resolved a number of outstanding issues, and improved support on OS X and IBM Java based systems. For more detail please see the change log below.


* KARAF-217 - Update Karaf in kit Release Notes


* KARAF-13 - javax.annotation not exported
* KARAF-19 - Exception in pax-web when shutting down karaf
* KARAF-125 - Webconsole can't concat strings?
* KARAF-133 - NPE when installing a bundle with a MANIFEST.MF not in the first entry of the zip
* KARAF-134 - The sort command does not work when trying to sort on the last field
* KARAF-136 - should override equals method for FeaturesListener to handle the proxy compared to wrapped object case
* KARAF-137 - IOException on web demo when trying to connect through SSH
* KARAF-138 - WarDeploymentListener: checks for manifest osgi entries but fails if no manifest is found
* KARAF-142 - NPE at org.apache.felix.webconsole.internal.servlet.OsgiManager.service - karaf started in server mode
* KARAF-143 - Setting "karaf.instances" system property has no effect
* KARAF-145 - Reading Properties like karaf.framework should be trimmed before reusage
* KARAF-150 - Config admin contains 2 configurations for SSH port in Karaf
* KARAF-162 - need exactly specify the import jline package version for webconsole.gogo
* KARAF-167 - Creating a new config using the shell commands lead to a FileNotFoundException instead of the file being created
* KARAF-169 - Do not use the ClassPath manifest header for the karaf client jar
* KARAF-178 - When the karaf runtime is launched under JSW, the bin/client script fails to connect
* KARAF-189 - Java endorsed dirs on AIX (IBM JVM)
* KARAF-190 - karaf-wrapper.conf is incorrect
* KARAF-199 - WarDeploymentListener: doesn't handle the default Webapp-Context correct on a Windows System
* KARAF-204 - Ctrl+D needs to be followed by another character to be recognized (at least when using the karaf client)
* KARAF-206 - The converter used for converting commands arguments and options can't convert objects to String


* KARAF-106 - Provide a more minimal / static disitrbution of karaf
* KARAF-130 - Allow a repository URL to be added to feature repository URL list even though it is an invalid one
* KARAF-135 - The package:export command should have more option to control the output
* KARAF-139 - Add a Shell Console branding demo
* KARAF-140 - Modifying properties and saving them via the Config Console removes comments in the original file
* KARAF-141 - Tests should be able to be run without any internet connections
* KARAF-146 - osgi:list should only print out 'system' bundles above a certain level, by default, this should be 50, but it should be configurable
* KARAF-148 - features:listUrl should print the repository names as well as the Url.
* KARAF-152 - when using the @Argument annotation, if there is no name specified it would be nice to reuse the name of the field, rather than use VAL
* KARAF-155 - optional @Argument values (and I guess @Option values) can have default values which could be displayed in the help screen by reflecting into the value and finding non-zero/null values
* KARAF-157 - minor patch to make it easier to reuse the Karaf command line console from outside Karaf specialising the user and application
* KARAF-158 - better display of errors when running a non-osgi command line outside of the shell
* KARAF-159 - when a bad command is typed (e.g. invalid command, argument, option) we should use some kind of syntax highlighting for the name of the command/argument/option in the error message
* KARAF-161 - provide an easy implementation of "public static void main(String[] args)" for a single command (i.e. for non-shells)
* KARAF-163 - Generate Features XML should handle artifact types
* KARAF-164 - Allow sub classes of Main to override the META-INF path used to discover commands
* KARAF-168 - Upgrade to latest Felix framework
* KARAF-170 - Main --help should behave like Main someCommand --help and list all the possible sub commands when outside of OSGi
* KARAF-171 - provide a default "help" sub command in shells used outside of OSGi
* KARAF-173 - Make it easier to configure the Karaf Main shell by subclassing.
* KARAF-174 - tab completion of sub commands not working in the non-osgi shell
* KARAF-175 - Upgrade to Java Service Wrapper 3.2.3
* KARAF-176 - Improve integration to provide a clean shutdown when running as a service
* KARAF-177 - Support 64 bits platforms for Java Service Wrapper on OS X
* KARAF-181 - Allow the cmdhelp maven plugin to generate output in confluence format
* KARAF-182 - Upgrade to Aries 0.2-incubating
* KARAF-184 - Enhance the dev:framework command to display or set the OSGi framework name
* KARAF-185 - Have a 'clean' parameter on the main shell script to clean the working folder
* KARAF-186 - Upgrade to pax-logging 1.5.3
* KARAF-187 - The completers do not work when several commands are on the same line separated by a column or pipe
* KARAF-191 - Create a Karaf Util module gathering all util classes
* KARAF-192 - Completion does not work on options, or even on arguments if an option is specified
* KARAF-193 - It should be possible to load a Command description from a text file
* KARAF-196 - Improve the output of osgi:headers command
* KARAF-198 - Remove dependency upon org.slf4j.helpers.MessageFormatter
* KARAF-200 - Upgrade to latest pax-runner and pax-exam
* KARAF-202 - Create la alias in shell.init.script
* KARAF-207 - The webconsole feature should not depend on the admin bundles
* KARAF-208 - when reusing the karaf shell outside of OSGi where there's only one shell scope, it would be nice to avoid prefixing the command names with the scope or with "*:" which is confusing
* KARAF-210 - Allow to specific context-path when installing a war file using the war url handler

New Feature

* KARAF-26 - have restart clean command/API
* KARAF-144 - Allow using the console and commands outside of OSGi
* KARAF-147 - We should have a features:listVersions command that lists all the known versions of a feature
* KARAF-149 - Add a features:removeRepository command
* KARAF-166 - Allow subclasses of to be used as sub shells
* KARAF-172 - Implement a mechanism that would allow a karaf application to distingush between UserPrincipal & RolePrincipal without depending from Karaf JAAS Modules
* KARAF-180 - JAAS Database Login Module
* KARAF-212 - provide a simple annotation, say,@CompleterValues which can be used on methods on an action to provide a list of available values for an argument for tab completion


* KARAF-40 - Create a maven archetype for creating shell commands