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Release Notes - Karaf - Version 2.2.2

This release of Apache Karaf is based off of the 2.2.x series branch, representing an update to Apache Karaf 2.2.1. It contains bug fixes identified in the prior release, and introduces improvements including; improved behavior for the OracleDB locking mechanism and http feature jetty port usage. Several improvements to the shell have been incorporated, such as completion for shell aliases and a warning on osgi:shutdown to avoid inadvertently shutting down the container. There has also been a few small dependency upgrades to felix event admin, Pax URL, and jetty. For more detail please see the change log below.


* KARAF-496 - Karaf prompt displayed twice
* KARAF-622 - Jaas Cancel command is not working
* KARAF-633 - NOTICE distribution file still refers Apache Felix Karaf
* KARAF-634 - README file refers an incorrect contribution URL
* KARAF-637 - Update branding-console documentation to include the changes to
* KARAF-648 - maven-enforcer-plugin configuration not used
* KARAF-653 - Karaf minimal is missing the feature files.
* KARAF-655 - Remove from
* KARAF-656 - kar deployer service not exported
* KARAF-670 - Missing ${karaf.base}/system cause NullPointerException
* KARAF-686 - introduce an override flag to configfile element so that we get chance to not override the finalname if it already exist
* KARAF-689 - Karaf instance can wrongly obtain a lock when the locking table is empty on a Oracle DB
* KARAF-690 - install http feature will start both 8080 and 8181 jetty port

Dependency upgrade

* KARAF-672 - Upgrade to felix event admin 1.2.12
* KARAF-680 - Upgrade to Pax URL 1.2.7
* KARAF-682 - upgrade to jetty 7.4.2.v20110526


* KARAF-445 - Add completion for shell aliases
* KARAF-573 - Print out that karaf has to be restarted if using framework with new framework
* KARAF-614 - Add warning to osgi:shutdown to avoid inadvertently shutting down the container
* KARAF-618 - Align Cellar major version with the Karaf one
* KARAF-651 - features-maven-plugin should "embed" the Karaf features descriptor
* KARAF-654 - Merge jetty feature with jetty-jaas feature
* KARAF-661 - Typing ^D should behave as on Unix
* KARAF-662 - Clarify relationship of and
* KARAF-663 - features-maven-plugin add-features-to-repo should embed Karaf core features descriptor


* KARAF-543 - Add manual section around log custom appenders
* KARAF-619 - Add Cellar manual
* KARAF-620 - Cellar should use the parent Karaf POM
* KARAF-646 - Upgrade to Jetty 7.4.1.v20110513
* KARAF-694 - Upgrade to Pax-Logging 1.6.3
* KARAF-695 - Upgrade to Pax-Web 1.0.4


* KARAF-683 - use filter ${karaf.version} instead of the hard code one to fix archetypes/itests failure