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Release Notes - Karaf - Version 2.2.3

This release of Apache Karaf is based off of the 2.2.x series branch, representing an update to Apache Karaf 2.2.2. It contains bug fixes identified in prior releases and introduces improvements including: Optional JDK 7 support, a spring-jms feature, and a macro allowing users to identify the contents of a specific config file. Several dependencies were also updated, bringing Jetty to version 7.4.5.v20110725, Eclispe Equinox to 3.6.2.R36x_v20110210, Pax web to 1.0.6, and Spring 3.0.6.RELEASE. For more detail please see the change log below.


* KARAF-281 - History using up arrow does not work on windows
* KARAF-706 - variable substitution doesn't work for
* KARAF-712 - Karaf's ls command does not represent URL objects correctly
* KARAF-718 - Grep doesn't work when piped from features:listurl
* KARAF-735 - java.util.NoSuchElementException if issue the first command as an empty command
* KARAF-753 - commandlist --help points to help for jaas:pending
* KARAF-760 - MInor time rendering bug
* KARAF-766 - Wrong help for features:install
* KARAF-769 - Update NOTICE file to mention JSW
* KARAF-796 - Editing Pax Web Configuration Via Karaf Console
* KARAF-800 - karaf does not start when using java7
* KARAF-809 - MainStartTest fails on WinXP
* KARAF-815 - Generic the Karaf manual link
* KARAF-820 - Karaf client.bat swallows commands to be passed to the Karaf instance
* KARAF-824 - Web demo folder in 2.2.2 release is missing content and README.txt has bugs
* KARAF-826 - KarArtifactInstaller should look for "features" classifier in place of "feature"
* KARAF-827 - Karaf Web deployer (Pax-Web) always tries to deploy the deploy/README file

Dependency upgrade

* KARAF-757 - upgrade to jetty 7.4.4.v20110707
* KARAF-768 - Upgrade to Eclipse Equinox 3.6.2.R36x_v20110210
* KARAF-775 - upgrade to pax web 1.0.5
* KARAF-789 - Upgrade jetty to 7.4.5.v20110725
* KARAF-790 - Upgrade paxurl to 1.2.8
* KARAF-792 - Upgrade pax-runner to 1.6.2
* KARAF-833 - Upgrade to Pax Web 1.0.6
* KARAF-834 - Upgrade to Spring 3.0.6 - in std. features.xml


* KARAF-645 - Add a flag to suppress --help Option output on
* KARAF-667 - Improve error message when OBR resolution fails due to invalid URLs
* KARAF-698 - Technical edits to User's Guide
* KARAF-699 - Grammar fixes to source code files
* KARAF-700 - Updates to developer's guide
* KARAF-722 - throw more meaningful exception but not NPE when the BUNDLE_SYMBOLICNAME is null
* KARAF-729 - Karaf Maven Plugin source code cleanup
* KARAF-733 - Doc fixes to the quick start guide and overview page
* KARAF-752 - Editorial fixes to the assemblies/ configuration files
* KARAF-755 - Recommended improvements to help commands
* KARAF-764 - Correct links to ops4j in documentation
* KARAF-784 - Add date in the default Karaf log
* KARAF-795 - Kar builder uses a different version for easymock then the rest of the project
* KARAF-802 - Upgrade mail bundle version to 1.4.4.
* KARAF-803 - Add JDK7 compile support to 2.2.x source build
* KARAF-808 - Remove author attribute tags from Karaf source code
* KARAF-813 - Install Pax URL OBR with the OBR feature
* KARAF-817 - Allow to set Karaf window name via parameter
* KARAF-818 - Allow JAVA_MAX_MEM, JAVA_PERM_MEM, JAVA_MIN_MEM, JAVA_MAX_PERM_MEM the same way as for linux startup file
* KARAF-829 - Support of Java 7
* KARAF-840 - specify javax.annotation packages version to 1.1.0 for jre-1.6 as Annotation 1.1 Spec is used for Java 6

New Feature

* KARAF-696 - Add a macro allowing users to identify the contents of a specific config file.
* KARAF-835 - Provide a spring-jms feature


* KARAF-673 - Page failover.html contains invalid configuration properties