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Release Notes - Karaf - Version 2.2.4

This release of Apache Karaf is based off of the 2.2.x series branch, representing an update to Apache Karaf 2.2.3. It contains bug fixes identified in the prior release, and introduces improvements including; significant improvements to KAR support, and new MBeans (such as Dev, HTTP, Log, OBR, Bundles, Services and System). Several dependencies were also updated, bringing Apache Felix Gogo to version 0.10.0, and Pax Web to 1.0.7. For more detail please see the change log below.


* KARAF-771 - KAR Deployer doesn't work
* KARAF-773 - KAR docu outdated
* KARAF-816 - Wrapper feature doesn't load security libraries
* KARAF-889 - dev:framework commands incorrect workflow
* KARAF-892 - EventAdmin events from Gogo not being sent from Karaf's console bundle
* KARAF-893 - Wrong URL in release notes 1
* KARAF-894 - Kar deployment failed
* KARAF-895 - NPE during webconsole startup
* KARAF-896 - Karaf webconsole exports wrong version of Felix webconsole package
* KARAF-902 - Jaas: Properties backing engine doesn't remove users
* KARAF-904 - add jetty.port=8181 to jetty.xml so that configuration for jetty connector could take effect
* KARAF-905 - propdel() method in the ConfigMBean didn't work
* KARAF-914 - Add ICU4J in Jasypt bundle
* KARAF-915 - KAR deployment failed in the features XML is not the first entry of the KAR archive
* KARAF-917 - warn instead of info when failing to install a feature
* KARAF-919 - Kar redeployment failed
* KARAF-920 - Feature autoinstall from kar failed
* KARAF-921 - maven eclipse plugin 2.8 does not work correctly with karaf
* KARAF-922 - features-maven-plugin ignores repository tags in feature files
* KARAF-923 - features-maven-plugin#AddFeaturesToRepoMojo does not handle spaces in repository urls well
* KARAF-929 - MBean bundles should be seen as system bundles
* KARAF-932 - ConfigMBean raise a NPE when dictionnary is null

Dependency upgrade

* KARAF-901 - Upgrade to Pax Web 1.0.7


* KARAF-756 - Add ability to have KeyStoreManager to wait for SSL keystore to be fully initialize by other bundle through timeout
* KARAF-762 - dev:watch should support multiple bundle IDs
* KARAF-786 - Add more MBeans
* KARAF-847 - Provide Karaf features covering all Spring bundles
* KARAF-851 - Upgrade Maven plugins in use
* KARAF-864 - obr:deploy command should provide a start option
* KARAF-881 - Make aliases to osgi:* commands to be more clear for the users
* KARAF-885 - StartBundle doesn't deploy all bundles if one failed
* KARAF-886 - Document security properties in the relevant configuration files
* KARAF-897 - Fixing text in files
* KARAF-898 - Config delete operation should remove the pid.cfg file
* KARAF-899 - Upgrade to Apache Felix Gogo version 0.10.0
* KARAF-900 - Shutdown command should display the instance name
* KARAF-907 - Include 64 bits wrapper library
* KARAF-925 - Karaf doesn't define J2SE-1.6 and J2SE-1.7 execution environment
* KARAF-930 - Bundles MBean should mimic the BundleSelector like osgi:* commands

New Feature

* KARAF-541 - Support JMX SSL via etc/
* KARAF-657 - kar deployer should start the feature
* KARAF-845 - Add a jasypt based property placeholder to support encrypted values
* KARAF-912 - Add a goal to create a kar file


* KARAF-887 - Refer PrinceXML website in the manual