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Release Notes - Karaf - Version 2.2.7

This release of Apache Karaf is considered a high priority update for users of Apache Karaf 2.2.6. An issue in which configuration updates were not being persisted to storage was detected, an update to FileInstall version 3.2.2 was made necessary. In addition to the above other bug fixes have been resolved, including; updating the features repo pointer for pax-wicket, removing an unnecessary warning on missing repository name when the name is defined however not presently loaded, the SSHD authorized key provider now logs in DEBUG, and SSH now correctly uses the karaf.base variable. A version update to pax web 1.0.9 has also been included in the dependencies. For more detail please see the change log below.


* KARAF-1343 - Features repo points to the old pax-wicket app
* KARAF-1360 - Configration update doesn't work
* KARAF-1367 - Remove line number logging from default logging config
* KARAF-1373 - features-maven-plugin, unexpected text in stderr
* KARAF-1374 - Fileinstaller logging by default is not enabled.
* KARAF-1376 - Demo deployer is not sync with Karaf version
* KARAF-1387 - Warning to missing a feature repository name even when the name is defined
* KARAF-1388 - SSHD authorized key provider should log in DEBUG
* KARAF-1389 - SSH doesn't correctly use the karaf.base variable

Dependency upgrade

* KARAF-1366 - Upgrade to Pax Web 1.0.9
* KARAF-1378 - Upgrade to fileinstall 3.2.2


* KARAF-1328 - jclouds feature repo url has been changed after version 1.0
* KARAF-1368 - Make it easy to enable Karaf PropertiesLoginModule via an optional feature