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Release Notes - Karaf - Version 2.2.8

This release of Apache Karaf is based off of the 2.2.x series branch, representing an update to Apache Karaf 2.2.7. It contains bug fixes identified in the prior release, and introduces improvements including; A command that can not be loaded no longer breaks the whole completion, removing a KAR now uninstalls the shipped features, and SSH keystore is now compatible with IBM JDK. Several dependences were also updated, bringing ServiceMix Specs to version 2.0, pax-logging to 1.6.7, Jansi to 1.9, JLine to 2.7, Felix Utils to 1.2.0, Felix FileInstall to 3.2.4, and sshd to 0.7.0.
For more detail please see the change log below.


* KARAF-536 - Backspace no longer works in Putty after using 'connect' command to connect to other instance, and commands are printed in only 2 columns.
* KARAF-1162 - A command that can not be loaded breaks the whole completion
* KARAF-1202 - log:tail spins with debug on
* KARAF-1293 - feature level start-level not completely finished....
* KARAF-1392 - Removing a KAR should uninstall the shipped features
* KARAF-1394 - Custom login modules not seen with Equinox
* KARAF-1416 - Blueprint archetype instructions is missing
* KARAF-1430 - Default child instance config is not the same as the root instance
* KARAF-1493 - Upgrade to Pax Web 1.0.11
* KARAF-1496 - Bad login when using sufficient modules but when the first fail
* KARAF-1513 - SSH keystore incompatible if generated with IBM JDK
* KARAF-1529 - command-watch messes the output when used with commands that take longer than the interval
* KARAF-1538 - Exceptions when unregistering jmx means during a restart
* KARAF-1564 - karaf feature validate plugin should support to load the exports packages from dependency features

Dependency upgrade

* KARAF-1458 - Upgrade to ServiceMix Specs 2.0
* KARAF-1490 - upgrade to pax-logging 1.6.7
* KARAF-1498 - Upgrade blueprint, jmx and util bundles to next minor release
* KARAF-1520 - Upgrade to Jansi 1.9
* KARAF-1534 - Upgrade to JLine 2.7
* KARAF-1535 - Upgrade to Felix Utils 1.2.0
* KARAF-1536 - Upgrade to Felix FileInstall 3.2.4
* KARAF-1568 - Upgrade to sshd 0.7.0


* KARAF-1396 - config:list command description should be enhanced
* KARAF-1410 - Error in stop script if KARAF_DEBUG is enabled
* KARAF-1499 - InfoAction shell command should sort the properties from InfoProvider instances
* KARAF-1500 - Forgot a space between hours and minutes in
* KARAF-1521 - add-features-to-repo goal should define a correct default value for repository


* KARAF-1445 - more svn:ignore are needed