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Release Notes - Karaf Cellar - Version 2.2.3

This is the first release of Karaf Cellar.
Cellar is a clustering solution for Apache Karaf powered by Hazelcast.

Cellar allows you to manage a cluster of Karaf instances, providing synchronisation between instances.

Here is a short list of provided features:

  • Discovery: each Karaf Cellar node is discovered automatically by the others. You can use multicast or unicast for discovery.
  • Cluster group: a Karaf Cellar node could be part of one or more cluster group. Each Karaf unit (features, config, etc) is targeted to a group.
  • Distributed Configuration Admin: Karaf Cellar distributes the configuration data. The distribution is event-driven and filtered by cluster group.
  • Distributed Features Service: Karaf Cellar distributes the features and repositories information. It's also event-driven.

To install Cellar into your running Karaf instance, just install the Cellar feature:

karaf@root> features:addurl mvn:org.apache.karaf.cellar/apache-karaf-cellar/2.2.3/xml/features
karaf@root> features:install cellar


* KARAF-669 - Dependency artifacts should be available on the Maven central repo
* KARAF-830 - Cellar features fails to install when obr feature is installed
* KARAF-839 - NPE when pinging Cellar nodes which does not exist.
* KARAF-841 - Cellar shell commands are not available on Equinox
* KARAF-842 - Cellar's hazelcast instance cannot be reused outside cellar
* KARAF-856 - Cellar discovery task can erase preconfigured node IPs
* KARAF-859 - URLs deleted via features:removeurl are coming back on a karaf instance restart (when cellar is also being used)
* KARAF-865 - Fixes For Cellar 2.2.3 Trunk
* KARAF-943 - cluster:features-uninstall raise a NPE
* KARAF-1034 - Cellar feature does not always cleanly uninstall
* KARAF-1076 - Cellar group configuration is not properly read when it contains whitespaces
* KARAF-1083 - Cellar should blacklist pax logging from syncing
* KARAF-1147 - ClassCastException using cellar when update configuration fields.

Dependency upgrade

* KARAF-862 - Upgrade to Hazelcast 1.9.4
* KARAF-1155 - Upgrade to Apache POM 10
* KARAF-1156 - Upgrade to Hazelcast
* KARAF-1170 - Upgrade to jclouds 1.3.1


* KARAF-777 - Extend Cellar support range for Karaf version
* KARAF-821 - Error in console when uninstalling cellar feature
* KARAF-825 - Cellar event handler registry should leverage blueprint reference listeners
* KARAF-843 - Cellar's event transport factory should not cache producers and consumers
* KARAF-844 - Fix dynamic imports from Cellar Hazelcast bundle
* KARAF-851 - Upgrade Maven plugins in use
* KARAF-861 - Cellar should support cluster group for bundles
* KARAF-863 - Cellar commands naming consistency
* KARAF-877 - improvements to Cellar OBR support docs
* KARAF-949 - Upgrade Cellar to use Jclouds 1.1.1
* KARAF-1011 - Cellar Hazlecast should not use SpringDM
* KARAF-1012 - Upgrade cellar to use jclouds 1.2.1
* KARAF-1171 - Consolidate Cellar shell commands naming

New feature

* KARAF-823 - Add DOSGi support for Cellar
* KARAF-831 - Add a shell command that will batch move nodes from one cellar group to an other
* KARAF-837 - Add Samples for Cellar project
* KARAF-850 - Cellar should provide full access to hazelcast configuration
* KARAF-857 - Add OBR broadcast in Cellar
* KARAF-1026 - Cellar needs integration tests with pax-exam-karaf
* KARAF-1081 - Cellar should provide a Hazelcast merge policy.
* KARAF-1084 - Provide a cellar sample that demostrates combining cellar with camel hazelcast


* KARAF-887 - Refer PrinceXML website in the manual