Eclipse Integration for Karaf (EIK)

Apache Karaf EIK (Eclipse Integration for Karaf) is the integration of the Apache Karaf
container and the Eclipse IDE.

Notable features include:

  • Custom Eclipse perspective for Apache Karaf development:
    • places valuable Karaf runtime information in one location
  • Apache Karaf installation management in your workspace:
    • Karaf installations are managed as workspace projects giving the developer visibility in to the runtime
    • each Karaf installation is automatically synchronized with your workspace, including additional bundles, configuration files
  • Run and debug Karaf installations with a single Eclipse Launcher:
    • the launch configuration allows developers to fine tune how Karaf will launch
  • Automatic deployment of workspace plugin projects:
    • create plugin-projects and have them deployed automatically
  • Advanced instrumentation of the running Karaf instance:
    • watch bundles deploy in real time and examine the OSGi service registry from within the Eclipse IDE
  • Access Eclipse platform IDE plugins from within a running Karaf instance:
    • all Eclipse plugins are presented as an OBR

Quick Start

Download the EIK repository zip archive from Central.
For instance, download:

Uncompress the repository zip archive on your system, in the folder of your choice.

In Eclipse, pick up this folder in the following menu:

Select Help > Install new software > Add.. > Local...