Latest Releases

The latest release is Karaf EIK 0.9.0 Release.

Karaf EIK 0.9.0

Release Notes

Direct Installation

Download the EIK repository zip archive from Central:

Uncompress the repository zip archive on your system, in the folder of your choice.

In Eclipse, pick up this folder in the following menu:

Select Help > Install new software > Add.. > Local...

Source Distribution

DescriptionDownload Link
Windows Source Distribution apache-karaf-eik-0.9.0-src.zipPGPSHA1MD5
Unix/Linux/Cygwin Source Distribution apache-karaf-eik-0.9.0-src.tar.gzPGPSHA1MD5


The KEYS used to sign the release can be found here.


If you want to give a try to the latest snapshots, they are available at the following location: