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Release Notes - Karaf - Version 2.2.6

This release of Apache Karaf is based off of the 2.2.x series branch, representing an update to Apache Karaf 2.2.5. It contains bug fixes identified in the prior release, and introduces improvements including; improved Windows, AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris support in the service wrapper, three new deployer demos showing how to make an OSGi bundle, a features file, and how to wrap a third party jar into a bundle, and support for ssh public key authentication and agent forwarding. A few new commands also appear in this release including; features:status to indicate feature loaded or not, feature:chooseurl to make it easy to install well known feature files, and a watch command to allow users to watch the output of a karaf command like when using the unix watch mechanism. Several dependencies were also updated, bringing Spring to 3.0.7-RELEASE, eventadmin to 1.2.14, Apache Pom to version 10, the maven bundle plugin to 2.3.7, and fileinstall to 3.2.0. For more detail please see the change log below.


* KARAF-610 - Can't input the path string completely via karaf shell
* KARAF-669 - Dependency artifacts should be available on the Maven central repo
* KARAF-675 - Longer shell commands affect the shell view when using up and down arrows
* KARAF-811 - Combination of wrap+mvn and instructions doesnt work any more
* KARAF-875 - Unable to define escape the event designator '!' using '!'
* KARAF-891 - Problem with $ charact in wrap:mvn URL
* KARAF-913 - Omitted @Command on Gogo plugin is hard to debug because of NPE
* KARAF-918 - pax-url prerequisites for a feature are not respected
* KARAF-953 - features.xml dropped into deploy BEFORE karaf is started are not recognised
* KARAF-1018 - using auto-complete (TAB key) on commands that don't take Arguments/Options throws IndexOutOfBoundsException.
* KARAF-1116 - Scripts fail at resolving java jdk.
* KARAF-1117 - Log messages appear on stdout when the feature http is installed
* KARAF-1121 - Error when installing feature camel-cxf : jetty.xml is empty
* KARAF-1122 - Feature <configfile/> creates an empty file if the file URL is not resolved
* KARAF-1124 - karaf does not work properly with closing brace in the working directory path
* KARAF-1126 - features-maven-plugin:validate goal raises a NPE if karafConfig configuration is not set
* KARAF-1127 - Boot features failed to startup when karaf started from directory with closing brace; logs also unavailable
* KARAF-1133 - Error executing command 'start' when starting a child instance
* KARAF-1139 - Redeploy kar cause installing old feature
* KARAF-1143 - Karaf (Config Mbean) can not recognize the features when Karaf installation path containing blank space
* KARAF-1144 - When running a single remote command through SSH, the SCOPE variable isn't set
* KARAF-1161 - The shell:new action does not support the creation of arrays
* KARAF-1164 - Archetypes are not valid
* KARAF-1174 - war feature cannot be installed after the cxf
* KARAF-1175 - Duplicate key exception should be handle locally to avoid to affect the whole MBean
* KARAF-1179 - "dev:watch *" doesn't notice new bundles added to the container
* KARAF-1182 - Karaf features-maven-plugin always selects lowest version in range
* KARAF-1199 - dev:watch command issues "WATCH" announcements only to the issuing shell
* KARAF-1212 - NPE during update of the FeatureFinder
* KARAF-1215 - Shell scripts are incompatible with /bin/sh on Solaris
* KARAF-1216 - add-features-to-repo goal does not reclaim file handles fast enough
* KARAF-1220 - bundles must stop when its configured keystore is not available
* KARAF-1241 - admin script does not pass on JAVA_OPTS to instance
* KARAF-1243 - Karaf JMX Config MBean behaves in unpredictable ways
* KARAF-1244 - Deployer Transformers Supports Manifest Element without A Supporting Schema
* KARAF-1252 - Features core bundle should not depend to shell and management bundles
* KARAF-1256 - Archetypes should use dynamic variables
* KARAF-1257 - Configuration completers should avoid using getConfiguration method of config admin
* KARAF-1260 - Karaf 2.2.x branch - Console doesn't like it when the console window is to small - no line wrapping for commands
* KARAF-1264 - Dump demo in Karaf 2.2.x can not resolve package org.apache.karaf.diagnostic.demo package.
* KARAF-1265 - Add AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and "custom" support in the service wrapper
* KARAF-1266 - Minimal distribution doesn't start due to missing management bundle
* KARAF-1268 - Allow multiple commands in karaf script
* KARAF-1279 - IOExceptions used in an incompatible way with Java 5.
* KARAF-1284 - Karaf bundle archetype maven bundle plugin configuration is missing "instructions" tags.
* KARAF-1298 - dev:watch does not work in some cases
* KARAF-1304 - Quick help text for features:info command is erroneous
* KARAF-1318 - User bundles are treated as system bundles
* KARAF-1323 - Testfailures in source package

Dependency upgrade

* KARAF-1151 - Upgrade to Spring 3.0.7.RELEASE
* KARAF-1154 - Upgrade to eventadmin 1.2.14
* KARAF-1155 - Upgrade to Apache POM 10
* KARAF-1183 - Upgrade to slf4j 1.6.4
* KARAF-1184 - Upgrade to JUnit 4.10
* KARAF-1185 - Upgrade to Pax Logging 1.6.5
* KARAF-1205 - Upgrade to maven-bundle-plugin 2.3.7
* KARAF-1231 - Upgrade to EasyMock 3.1
* KARAF-1232 - Upgrade to Jasypt 1.9.0
* KARAF-1233 - Upgrade to asm 3.3.1
* KARAF-1272 - Upgrade to fileinstall 3.2.0


* KARAF-693 - features:addurl raises "Premature end of file" when network is not available
* KARAF-783 - Improve security docs wrt role policies
* KARAF-916 - use org.apache.aries.jmx.core instead of org.apache.aries.jmx
* KARAF-970 - feature <config/> tag doesn't create the cfg file
* KARAF-999 - local-repo folder shouldn't be used
* KARAF-1010 - Add 64Bit ServiceWrapper to karaf
* KARAF-1072 - Provide man command as an alias to help
* KARAF-1145 - Upgrade to pax-logging 1.6.4
* KARAF-1153 - Jetty feature should also install the jetty-websocket bundle
* KARAF-1191 - Switch back to millis per default on shell:sleep and introduce -s option
* KARAF-1214 - Improvement in Karaf log4j appender docs
* KARAF-1245 - blueprint deployer and spring deployer should get started before features.core bundle
* KARAF-1261 - Jaas commands should allow you to distinguish between to realms that have the same name
* KARAF-1271 - Feature service should log in DEBUG instead of INFO
* KARAF-1280 - Add wrap third party jar example
* KARAF-1283 - Add a simple OSGi bundle demo to deployer examples
* KARAF-1292 - Add a feature demo
* KARAF-1295 - serviceUrl in should use but not localhost
* KARAF-1299 - Make sure that all karaf archetype contain a description
* KARAF-1300 - features managment should be more robust if customer features descriptor file has duplicated feature name

New Feature

* KARAF-32 - Support ssh public key authentication and agent forwarding
* KARAF-798 - Support for relocating karaf.history file
* KARAF-1059 - Karaf command features:status to indicate feature loaded or not
* KARAF-1132 - Introduce new command feature:chooseurl to make it easy to install well known feature files
* KARAF-1196 - implement a 'watch' command so we can watch the output of a karaf command like the unix 'watch' mechanism


* KARAF-806 - ProxyLoginModule should actually be on the bootclasspath classpath right?


* KARAF-1274 - Please set svn:ignore to all eclipse's project files


* KARAF-1195 - FeaturesServiceImplTest intermittently fails on slower machines