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Release Notes - Karaf Cellar - Version 2.2.4

This release of Apache Karaf Cellar is based off of the 2.2.x series branch,
representing a major update to Apache Karaf Cellar 2.2.3. It contains bug fixes
identified in the prior release, and introduces new features.
group support.

Cellar is a clustering solution for Apache Karaf powered by Hazelcast.

Cellar allows you to manage a cluster of Karaf instances, providing synchronisation between instances.

Here is a short list of provided features:

  • Discovery: each Karaf Cellar node is discovered automatically by the others. You can use multicast or unicast for discovery.
  • Cluster group: a Karaf Cellar node could be part of one or more cluster group. Each Karaf unit (features, config, etc) is targeted to a group.
  • Distributed Configuration Admin: Karaf Cellar distributes the configuration data. The distribution is event-driven and filtered by cluster group.
  • Distributed Features Service: Karaf Cellar distributes the features and repositories information. It's also event-driven.

To install Cellar into your running Karaf instance, just install the Cellar feature:

karaf@root> features:addurl mvn:org.apache.karaf.cellar/apache-karaf-cellar/2.2.4/xml/features
karaf@root> features:install cellar


* KARAF-1190 - Cellar does not replicate Managed Service Factory configurations correctly
* KARAF-1236 - The distributed node/group map is not currently updated when uninstalling Cellar
* KARAF-1237 - cluster:bundle-install command doesn't exist using Equinox framework
* KARAF-1239 - Cellar stopped producer still generates event
* KARAF-1297 - Switching off multicast discovery in Cellar does not work properly
* KARAF-1301 - Cellar ignores features sync flag
* KARAF-1306 - Cellar Group related changes are not persisted in config files
* KARAF-1308 - Cannot move a node which belongs to more than one group to another group using 'cluster:group-pick'
* KARAF-1310 - CellarNodeMBean.getNodes() return only node on which it is executed instead all available nodes in cluster
* KARAF-1312 - log4j:ERROR Attempted to append to closed appender named out
* KARAF-1313 - cluster:group-create command has wrong message about absent parameter
* KARAF-1314 - cluster:feature-install command does not react on wrong feature name
* KARAF-1315 - Impossible to set or join group of remote cluster node
* KARAF-1316 - cluster:group-set and cluster:group-join commands are not rejecting incorrect node names
* KARAF-1317 - Unsuccessful remote cluster node ping
* KARAF-1319 - No warning or error is given when attempting to delete the "default" group
* KARAF-1320 - cluster:group-quit with no parameters leads to a timeout
* KARAF-1321 - Inconsistent behavior of cluster:group-quit
* KARAF-1322 - The Hazelcast group name is randomly set
* KARAF-1325 - Feature "cellar-obr", "cellar-cloud", "cellar-webconsole" cannot be synchronized from node1 to node2
* KARAF-1326 - Parameter count of "cluster:group-pick" is not working
* KARAF-1330 - "cluster:feature-uninstall" command only worked for current group but didn't work for other group
* KARAF-1332 - cluster:group-pick - <count> parameter is not handled correctly
* KARAF-1337 - 'cluster:config-list' command list configuration PIDs two times whose name include "-"
* KARAF-1338 - cluster:config-proplist' command does not react on group and PID parameter which are not existent
* KARAF-1339 - "cluster:feature-list" command didn't list any feature after karaf instance join a user defined group
* KARAF-1340 - The error info is not readable when cluster:feature-uninstall has incorrect argument.
* KARAF-1341 - The argument "node" of "cluster:group-set" command didn't work
* KARAF-1342 - Can not share new configuration in default group using standard karaf commands
* KARAF-1344 - 'cluster:config-list' command list the configution deleted by standard karaf 'config:delete' command
* KARAF-1345 - Feature still can be synchronized after stopping FeaturesEventHandler.
* KARAF-1348 - Can not disable config sync through stopping handler org.apache.karaf.cellar.config.ConfigurationEventHandler
* KARAF-1349 - Can not share new configuration between user defined groups which have common node
* KARAF-1352 - "Apache Karaf :: Cellar :: Hazelcast" remains in "RESOLVED" state
* KARAF-1353 - Exception is thrown after attempt to install cellar
* KARAF-1375 - The property "Version" in the output of cluster:feature-list default isn't flush left but flush right
* KARAF-1384 - Cellar manual doesn't build
* KARAF-1401 - Cellar handlers have to check the switch status and log a warn message when OFF
* KARAF-1404 - Cluster command 'cluster:config-proplist' only output edited properties
* KARAF-1405 - Can not update properties of configuraton using cluster command 'cluster:config-propset'
* KARAF-1408 - These changes of the PID(org.apache.karaf.cellar.groups) which in both blacklist inbound and blacklist outbound can be synchronized to other karaf instance
* KARAF-1409 - cluster:group-set fails with timeout
* KARAF-1412 - Output is not right when using cluster command 'cluster:handler-stop' without parameter
* KARAF-1413 - Parameters hander and node of 'cluster:handler-status' can not work
* KARAF-1419 - NPE in Cellar BundleEventHandler around start/stop/uninstall event
* KARAF-1426 - Cluster event handlers have to check if the target group is a local
* KARAF-1428 - Cellar should blacklist PID by default
* KARAF-1429 - Cellar commands/MBeans should check if the event is allowed outbound
* KARAF-1433 - CellarConfigMBean listConfig operation returns nothing
* KARAF-1434 - Cellar ConfigLocalListener should broadcast cluster event
* KARAF-1435 - Cellar bundle has to tweak the TCCL
* KARAF-1436 - CellarFeaturesMBean doesn't update the distributed map
* KARAF-1437 - cluster:group-create on an existing group raise a CNFE
* KARAF-1453 - The command "cluster:handler-stop" don't work
* KARAF-1463 - Reintroduce config properties filtering
* KARAF-1464 - Some bundles of cellar failed to startup from time to time
* KARAF-1465 - "cluster:group-set" command same to "cluster:group-join" command
* KARAF-1477 - The "node(s)" parameter of command "cluster:group-join" doesn't work well
* KARAF-1480 - Cellar config should persist to cfg file

Dependency upgrade

* KARAF-1205 - Upgrade to maven-bundle-plugin 2.3.7
* KARAF-1358 - Upgrade to Hazelcast
* KARAF-1364 - Upgrade to slf4j 1.6.4
* KARAF-1372 - Upgrade to jclouds 1.3.2


* KARAF-838 - Simplify the way classloading works in Cellar
* KARAF-1194 - ping timeout is not correctly handled
* KARAF-1248 - Avoid to duplicate configuration between hazelcast.xml and cellar instance cfg
* KARAF-1294 - Cellar should provide cluster features repository commands
* KARAF-1383 - Fix warning messages during bundle build
* KARAF-1397 - Cellar command should check at least the cluster group existence
* KARAF-1399 - Use Cellar consistent behavior
* KARAF-1417 - cluster:feature-list should mimic the feature:list
* KARAF-1420 - cluster:bundle-* commands should look like bundle:* commands
* KARAF-1460 - CellarFeatureMBean should provide repository operations

New Feature

* KARAF-641 - Create shell commands for editing Cellar's instance configuration.
* KARAF-1176 - Support for OSGi event distribution in Karaf Cellar
* KARAF-1403 - Add cluster:config-propappend command