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Release Notes - Karaf Cellar - Version 2.2.5

This release of Apache Karaf Cellar is based off of the 2.2.x series branch, representing a major update to Apache Karaf Cellar 2.2.4. It contains bug fixes
identified in the prior release, and introduces new features.

Cellar is a clustering solution for Apache Karaf powered by Hazelcast.

Cellar allows you to manage a cluster of Karaf instances, providing synchronisation between instances.

Here is a short list of provided features:

  • Discovery: each Karaf Cellar node is discovered automatically by the others. You can use multicast or unicast for discovery.
  • Cluster group: a Karaf Cellar node could be part of one or more cluster group. Each Karaf unit (features, config, etc) is targeted to a group.
  • Distributed Configuration Admin: Karaf Cellar distributes the configuration data. The distribution is event-driven and filtered by cluster group.
  • Distributed Features Service: Karaf Cellar distributes the features and repositories information. It's also event-driven.

To install Cellar into your running Karaf instance, just install the Cellar feature:

karaf@root> features:addurl mvn:org.apache.karaf.cellar/apache-karaf-cellar/2.2.5/xml/features
karaf@root> features:install cellar


* KARAF-1324 - Only one cellar group configuration updated new groups config for two karaf instance locally
* KARAF-1466 - Empty group doesn't appeared in group-list after restart of node.
* KARAF-1467 - groups configuration is not syncronized normally.
* KARAF-1476 - cellar broadcasts configuration changes to a group that has been left before ...
* KARAF-1484 - config:propdel is not propagated to other group members
* KARAF-1492 - Cellar should use listConfiguration instead of getConfiguration
* KARAF-1504 - Cellar command do not install bundle
* KARAF-1971 - Bundle whitelist/blacklist are not correct by default
* KARAF-1974 - Bundle states are not correct
* KARAF-1975 - CellarBundleMBean is not able to display the list of bundles
* KARAF-1999 - Cellar LocalBundleListener raises ClassNotFoundException about BundleState
* KARAF-2032 - Some Cellar bundles doesn't start after a Karaf restart
* KARAF-2038 - Node rejoin default group after a restart

Dependency upgrade

* KARAF-1720 - Upgrade to joda-time 2.1
* KARAF-1920 - Upgrade to Karaf 2.2.9
* KARAF-1948 - Upgrade to Apache POM 11


* KARAF-1707 - CellarNodeMBean should inform which node is local
* KARAF-1982 - Cellar features should populate the bundles distributed map
* KARAF-1998 - Remove cellar sync property and check config dictionary
* KARAF-2001 - cluster:config-list could "filter" for one given PID
* KARAF-2004 - Add Cellar bundle selector support
* KARAF-2031 - Cellar bundle should handle Bundle-Name and fallback to Bundle-SymbolicName
* KARAF-2041 - Cellar LocalBundleListener should ignore framework stop event
* KARAF-2042 - Cellar should blacklist org.apache.felix.fileinstall* PID by default

New Feature

* KARAF-641 - Create shell commands for editing Cellar's instance configuration.
* KARAF-1176 - Support for OSGi event distribution in Karaf Cellar
* KARAF-1403 - Add cluster:config-propappend command