DOSGi and Transport

DOSGi (Distributed OSGi) enables the distribution of OSGi services across the Cellar nodes.

The purpose of the Cellar DOSGi is to leverage the Cellar resources (Hazelcast instances, distributed map, etc), and to be very easy to use.

DOSGi is provided by installing the optional feature cellar-dosgi.

To be available and visible for the others nodes, the OSGi service should only have the service.exported.interfaces property:

<service ref="MyService" interface="my.interface">
    <entry key="service.exported.interfaces" value="*"/>

You can see all OSGi services "flagged" as distributed (available for the nodes) using the cluster:list-service command:

karaf@root()> cluster:service-list

A "client" bundle could use this service. If the service is not available locally, Cellar will "route" the service call to the remote remote containing the service.