Enterprise runtime everywhere

Karaf provides polymorphic applications runtime for the enterprise, running on premise or on cloud.
Focus on your business code and applications, Apache Karaf deals with the rest

Modern Runtime

Karaf can run as a standalone runtime, supporting a wide range of applications and technologies.

Enterprise Ready

Karaf provides enterprise ready features: shell console, remote access, hot deployment, dynamic configuration and many more. Karaf projects provide additional features like clustering, complete monitoring and alerting, application repository.

On cloud or on premise

Run anywhere (on any machine with Java, cloud, docker images) using Karaf powered distributions.

Power your applications with Karaf Runtime

Karaf is a lightweight, powerful, and enterprise ready applications runtime. It provides all the ecosystem and bootstrapping options you need for your applications. It runs on premise or on cloud. By polymorphic, it means that Karaf can host any kind of applications: WAR, OSGi, Spring, and much more.

Last version 4.2.7 - (29/09/19)

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Enterprise Features
WebContainer (Pax Web)
Shell / SSH
Programming Model (Spring / BluePrint / DeclarativeService)
OSGi Framework (Apache Felix / Eclipse Equinox)

Manage bunch of clustered instances with Karaf Cellar.

You have bunch of Karaf Runtime instances running ? You want to manage those instances as one, spreading the configuration, deployment, etc ? Karaf Cellar is for you. Karaf Cellar is a clustering solution for Karaf. It allows you to manage multiple instances, with synchronization between the instances.

Last version 4.1.3 - (25/02/19)

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Cluster groups
Sync and distribute resources

Manage your artifacts repositories with Karaf Cave.

Karaf Cave is an implementation of OSGi Repository specification. It can be used by the Karaf Features Resolver to provide resources, dealing with the requirements and capabilities of artifacts.

Last version 4.2.1 - (29/11/19)

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Repository metadata
Repository proxy and populate
Maven support

Monitoring, alerting, and BAM with Karaf Decanter.

You need a monitoring solution for Karaf and related ? You need a BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) platform for your application ? Karaf Decanter can be very convenient for you ! Decanter provides ready to use monitoring solution. It's also completely extensible and customizable.

Last version 2.2.0 - (22/3/19)

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Apache Karaf in the Enterprise.

DevOps, Cloud, On Premise, Monitoring, Clustering... Apache Karaf is the perfect project for the companies that need performance and flexibility.

Download the latest ApacheCon slideshow to have an overview of the amazing possibilities that Apache Karaf offer to your business!

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Apache & OpenSource.

Karaf is your project ! Karaf is an Apache Software Foundation project, available under the Apache v2 license.
It's a complete open community, always listening proposals and comments.
Sources, mailing lists, issue tracker: it's fully open, you can access directly.
We also love contributions : don't hesitate to contribute.

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