You are looking for some examples to learn how to implement bundle for Apache Karaf ? There is some usefull examples include in the source code, you can also browse and view documentation on the github of the projet.
If you are looking for examples that are missing here or you want to share your example with the community, please contact us on the mailing list and we will add it with pleasure.

Name Description Github
Blueprint using services with XML or annotations.
Branding branding the look'n feel of the shell console for your own Karaf distribution.
Bundle the bundle is the core deployment unit when using OSGi.
Shell Command creating a shell command.
Deployer creating a Karaf deployer service on the deploy folder.
Dump creating a dump provider service.
Integration test creating integration tests in addition of unit tests for your bundles.
JDBC using simple JDBC implementation with Pax-JDBC and an Apache Derby embedded database.
JPA using JPA with entity manager for the persistence implementation.
Pax Logging Appender registering a custom Pax Logging appender.
Maven using the Karaf Maven plugin with goals like assembly, client, deploy, kar, run...
MBean registering a JMX MBean in the Apache Karaf MBeanServer
Profile creating several profiles (in a registry) and use these profiles to create custom distributions.
REST using JAX-RS to implement a REST service.
Scheduler creating a runnable service periodically executed by the Apache Karaf scheduler.
Service Component Runtime using services with annotations with the OSGi compendium specification.
Servlet registering a servlet in the Karaf HTTP Service with different approaches.
SOAP using JAX-WS to implement a SOAP service.
URL Namespace Handler creating a new URL namespace handler and use it in all Apache Karaf parts.
War creating a regular war to be deployed in Apache Karaf.

Security Advisories

CVE-2016-8750 : Apache Karaf's LDAPLoginModule is vulnerable to LDAP injection.

Notes »

CVE-2018-11786 : Enforce SSH permission based on RBAC.

Notes »

CVE-2018-11787 : Unsecure access to Gogo shell in the webconsole.

Notes »


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