The files in the etc directory are used to set the startup configuration.

For dynamic configuration, Karaf provides a suite of command to administer the configuration service grouped under config. To learn about all currently supported configuration commands type:

Command Description
cancel Change the changes to the configuration being edited.
edit Create or edit a configuration.
list List existing configurations.
propdel Delete a property from the edited configuration.
proplist List properties from the edited configuration.
propset Set a property on the edited configuration.
update Save and propagate changes from the configuration being edited.


Select Configuration To Edit

For example to edit configuration

karaf@root> config:edit

Modify Properties


* config:proplist to list existing properties
* config:propdel to delete existing properties
* config:propset to set a new value for a property

Any number of properties can be modified within a single editing session.

Commit Or Rollback Changes


* config:update to commit all changes made in the current session
* config:cancel to roll back any changes made in the current session